Energy Department Rundown

Responsibilities of the Department of Energy:

  • The United States nuclear weapons program
  • Energy conservation
  • Energy research
  • Radioactive waste removal
  • United States energy production
  • Genomics research


  • The Department of Energy was officially created in 1977 under President Jimmy Carter. However, its origins can be traced all the way back to 1942, with the creation of the Manhattan Project, a federal program meant to research the capabilities of nuclear weapons. After the end of WWII, the Atomic Energy Commission was formed to continue the project. In 1974, the Atomic Energy Commission was transformed into the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Energy Research and Development Administration, before finally being transformed into the Department of Energy.

Current Secretary of Energy:

  • Dr. Ernest Moniz

Powers and Responsibilities of the Secretary of Energy:

  • Full control over the Department of Energy and all its components
  • Promoting the production of clean energy
  • Maintaining the nuclear force and lessening the danger of nuclear assault
  • Promote research and development of energy technologies

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