Former Governor Mike Huckabee Announces Presidential Run

road to the white houseAnother day, another presidential campaign announcement.

Former Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR) announced his presidential campaign today in his hometown of Hope, Arkansas. This is the same Hope that former President Bill Clinton would frequently bring up when he was running for President in the 1990s. Huckabee has included the town in his slogan, From Hope to Higher Ground.

This is Governor Huckabee’s second run for the Presidency. He ran for the Republican nomination in 2008 and got second place for the Republicans. While his campaign lacked in funds, the Governor was able to tap into a Southern base with his populist message.

Since his presidential run, Governor Huckabee hosted a radio show and a weekend talk show on Fox News. He left the Fox Show earlier this year to explore a presidential run.

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