Nate Silver Makes Onion’s Top Quotes of 2012

Polling statistician Nate Silver made the Onion’s top (fake) quotes of 2012. His quote which is dated to January 20 reads as follows, “With the limited information available to us now, in mid-January 2012, the most probable scenario is that Mitt Romney will win the Republican nomination and go on to lose the election to Barack Obama by 126 electoral votes. Leaked comments disparaging 47 percent of Americans as ‘entitled’ will hurt Romney, as will Obama’s heroic resolve in the face of Hurricane Sandy’s destruction. Weed will be legalized in Colorado and Washington, Petraeus will resign amid disgrace, and I’m going with Giants over Patriots, 21-17.” Of course, all of the statements are true in the quote. The quote is familiar to the hashtag #DrunkNateSilver, which went viral after the election. People tweeted about Nate Silver knowing too much, such as telling when you would get home while you were in traffic. Nate Silver is best known for correctly predicting all the states in the presidential election, and providing hope to scared Obama supporters, as he always projected President Obama’s chance of winning over 50%.

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