Superstorm Sandy Impacts East Coast, Significantly Weaker Now

The above video is from our Chief Polling Analyst Mark. Superstorm Sandy, as it is now known due to strength loss, is still ravaging throughout the east coast. Many schools are still closed for a second day, West Virginia

is underneath piles of snow, and the New York Stock Exchange is closed for two days. The presidential election has largely paused due to the storm. President Obama is in Washington, keeping constant communication with governors and mayors. While Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have largely paused. One advantage of the Presidency, is that you can use severe weather to look more presidential and show your leadership. Many photoshave been released showing the President within FEMA, with advisers, or talking to governors or mayors. As this goes on, the Romney campaign has had to fight allegations that Mitt Romney would cut FEMA as President. Liberal groups point to a CNN debate, when Mitt Romney talked about cutting government programs.


For continuing coverage of Superstorm Sandy, stick with TKNN. We have correspondents throughout the area.

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