Limbaugh and Media Matters In A Twitter War?

Radio broadcaster Rush Limbaugh has joined Twitter. As many say that his empire is falling due to him calling Sandra Fluke a “slut,” Rush expanded his empire by moving to the social network site. His account, which has not been certified by Twitter, was started on March 15. He has done three tweets so far. But all three of these tweets are targeted towards progressive group, Media Matters.  Rush’s tweets say that Media Matters are wrong on things, and raise the question of whether or not the White House coordinates with Media Matters. He tells his 118,000 followers to retweet his tweets at the end of each one.

It seems that Media Matters has not been the biggest fan of Rush Limbaugh either. Many of Media Matter’s tweets are targeted towards Rush Limbaugh and his controversy. Media Matters also invokes photos and comics in their attacks against Rush Limbaugh. One photo is a fake movie poster featuring Limbaugh, called “Back to the Kitchen.” The movie poster, which is a spoof of “Back to the Future,” even features a quote from Limbaugh. Another comic shows a nervous Limbaugh seeing a homeless man who says he has lost all his advertisers and will spew hate for food.

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