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The Internet has helped to create the Information Age, and politics are not exempt. Two online games are meant for learning/reform, The Redistricting Game and iCivics. The Redistricting Game was made for people to learn about gerrymandering and after playing, reform. The game has five courses, each with an advanced and basic level. The game also has badges to collect after completing levels. The game promotes the Tanner Proposal which was gerrymandering reform proposed by former Democratic representative John S. Tanner.
iCivics is an online game for schools that helps teaching civics. One game allows the user to run for president, going through the debate process, convention, and finally general election. The user starts with a limited amount of states known, but then most discover more states in the weeks leading up to the election. Not all states are lifelike with Texas and California being leaning Democratic and Republican, respectively. At the beginning of the week, most times, you must fundraise before you can do anything. The game seems like a free, lite version of The Political Machine, where you start with every state, but you can also win endorsements. The Political Machine is available for the PC.

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