President Obama Meets With Jobs Council

The President Met With His Jobs and Competitiveness Council

As his American Jobs Act stalls in the Senate, President Barack Obama met with his council on jobs and competitiveness. The council also gave an interim report to the President with 5 major incentives on creating jobs while increasing competitiveness. The five incentives were,

  1. Measures to increase investment in job rich projects in infrastructure and energy.
  2. A comprehensive drive to increase entrepreneurship.
  3. A national incentive to invest in jobs from domestic and foreign companies.
  4. Ideas to streamline project approvals and simplify regulatory review.
  5. Steps to ensure that America has the talent to fill job openings.

An interesting number to look at is #5 that would focus on possible education. President Obama could also argue his temp. working program where you gain experience as a way to have citizens learn the skills for jobs that are open.

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