Political Punch-Out: #Breking, Wait Let’s Edit That

TOP STORY: Matthew Keys came out with an exclusive report saying that Twitter is working on a new edit feature. The feature will allow minimal edits, such as word change or retraction. However, Twitter is apparently working on an editorial algorithm that would detect whether the major intent of the tweet is being changed. Keys writes that Twitter wants to prevent a tweet from going viral and then being changed to a promotion. However, Twitter does want news organizations to be able to correct incorrect information, even if it goes viral. The algorithm is still being worked on and will be for the next few weeks or months, however when it’s finished it is expected to be rolled out to verified news organizations first. This could prove to be a great help for some news organizations; especially in events like the health care ruling and the Boston Marathon, where speed trumped accuracy.

END OF THE YEAR ALERT: Pope Francis has been named the Person of the Year by another magazine, The Advocate. The Advocate, which is an LGBT-focused magazine, has a new cover out announcing the selection with a NOH8 tattoo photoshopped onto the Pope’s cheek. The magazine wrote that Pope Francis was the Person of the Year due to his fast change in a historically slow moving institution, and his “Who am I to judge?” quote. That remark was made as the Pope said that all people, no matter what, are seen as equal under God.


Jake Tapper has found several instances of African-Americans dressing up as Santa, including one where Bill Cosby is voted as the favorite Santa Claus in Jet’s 1985 year-in-review issue. (Jake Tapper: Twitter)

Dylan Byers thinks something is going on with 60 Minutes. (Politico’s Dylan Byers blog)

With only two days until Anchorman 2 comes out, Ron Burgundy took a look at how “newsy” Huffington Post is.


Today was the first day without Zoraida Sambolin on CNN’s Early Start, and the website is conflicted over her leaving. The webpage banner and Twitter profile were updated to reflect John Berman being the solo permanent anchor. However, the webpage title tag and show description still have Zoraida Sambolin’s name in the title. However, her account was removed from the webpage’s Twitter feed.

Megyn Kelly is now in primetime and will no longer be co-hosting the network’s New Years Eve special. Instead, Bill Hemmer will be co-hosting with Elisabeth Hasselback. Hasselback joined the network earlier this year, moving from ABC’s The View to the cable news network’s top-rated morning show. TVNewser reported earlier this year that Kathy Griffin will be back hosting with Anderson Cooper for CNN’s special. New Years is a bright spot with CNN when it comes to ratings.

ROUNDING THE CORNER: Well, its that time of the Punch-Out again. We’ll see you tomorrow, but in the meantime send any tips or comments to PunchOut@TKNN.info

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