Political Punch-Out: Detroit Tries to Jump Its Engine

TOP STORY: A federal judge ruled today that Detroit can proceed with its bankruptcy proceedings and alter union contracts. Union members are very likely to get affected, and American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees lawyer Sharon Levine says that Kevyn Orr, the state-appointed emergency manager, is not negotiating in good faith. This is the latest development for Detroit, which has struggled since the Great Recession and the auto downturn. However, with a new team coming in, including a new mayor, times may be right for Detroit to roar out of its hardship.


The media world got hit by shockwaves today as Jeff Zucker’s interview with Capital New York was released. The interview was wide-ranging and included Zucker saying that CNN needs “attitude” and more shows and less newscasts. He also brought up the possibility of having documentaries and other non-fiction programs during weekday primetime.

Capital New York was re-launched today. The website which focuses on New York’s media, culture, and politics, was bought by Politico’s parent, Allbritton Communications earlier this year. The site was remade in Politico’s image, complete with a New York version of Playbook. The site also shares management with Politico and reporters for the two sites have worked with each-other.

The Huffington Post has some ideas on giving CNN attitude.

Although BuzzFeed found GIFable moments in CNN’s segment on knock-out games.

On a different note, Politico reports that negotiators for Sen. Murray and Rep. Ryan are getting closer to a deal.


The Seattle Seahawks became the first team to clinch the playoffs in the NFL. The team leads the league with an 11-1 record. Yesterday, the fans set a Guinness World Record for crowd noise with 137.6 decibels. This led to a 1-2 size earthquake being registered. However, the anti-Seattle folks are coming out as well online, leading to the hashtag, #BeatSeattle, trending in the United States.
(Disclosure: I, the author, am a fan of the Seahawks.)


DOW: -94.15
NASDAQ: -8.06
S&P 500: -5.75

HealthCare.Gov UPDATE:

As of 5:30, the HealthCare.Gov Twitter account says that there were more than 650,000 visits and a low error rate.

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