Opinion: Just Saying…

One thing that is inevitable this year is references to 2008. Also Michele Bachmann dropped out after placing low in Iowa. What do these have to do together? A former aide of Michele Bachmann’s said that she was going easy on Mitt Romney because she was eyeing a possible vice presidential run. Whether or not that’s true, it brings a reference to 2008. Then-Senator Barack Obama chose Joseph R. Biden as his running mate in 2008. Joseph R. Biden ran for president in 2008, and dropped out after Iowa. So does that mean that Mitt Romney could go with Bachmann? Well, Bachmann isn’t the best candidate, she says things without backing them up. But Joseph R. Biden also has a uncurbed tongue. Now while what I say most likely isn’t making the Romney camp go definitely with Bachmann, it is always good to point out similarities. Finally, one thing I jokingly say is, why would Romney do the same thing as Obama? But Bachmann is the only one that dropped out after Iowa, and Mitt doesn’t yet have one opponent that he has a tough fight against for the primary, like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in 2008, that would make a dream team.

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