Ron Paul Needs To Embrace AmericansElect.Org


On Americans Elect, the most popular candidate is Ron Paul. Ron Paul is currently running for the Republican nomination, but hasn’t had his breakout moment yet, if he does. Most people and analysts feel that Ron Paul is stuck as a one-digit candidate. If Ron Paul wants any chance to be the president, he needs to stick to Americans Elect. There are many enticing reasons that can help extend his base.

The Youth Vote
One reason Barack Obama won in 2008 was because of the youth vote. How did he get the youth vote? Technology. How can you get more technological, your political party is a website! The website also gives Ron Paul a social platform, immediate access to a huge Facebook and Twitter.

Somewhere’s He’s The Most Popular
On Americans Elect, Ron Paul is the man. Buddy Roemer is trying to get the nomination and he has less than half of Paul’s supporters. Even Jon Huntsman has more than Buddy Roemer. Ron Paul has ran for president for president before, but really wasn’t all that popular, but not on Americans Elect.

He Can Be The True Change Candidate
Candidates love to say they are the agent of change, that they will change Washington like nothing before. With Americans Elect you can actually do something. Ron Paul has the chance to be bipartisan. On Americans Elect you must choose someone from a different party as your running mate, now if that’s not change I don’t know what is.

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