Why Microsoft Is Doomed


Windows, the operating system that used to rule the world. Now that is dominated by Android and iOS. Neither of those are Microsoft’s property and neither feature Microsoft apps. Both are mobile operating systems. Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7(how long did it take to come up with that name) is hovering around 7%, oh what a coincidence. Of course, Microsoft still has the PC, or does it? The PC market is dropping, and just as a sign, HP, the number 1 PC maker almost left the business! Microsoft’s biggest moneymakers are Windows and Office, both of which have mobile alternatives. Apple’s iWork is on all devices, and many users prefer it over Office. Android also has the Google Docs. Most importantly, many Office alternatives can open Office files. Microsoft, who almost got broken up because of its dominance in the computer business is close to getting killed, well they have the Xbox.

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