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    I was recently watching television when I came across an advertisement for a movie. On the part of the ad where they showed the title and the rating, there was an extra bit of information, the movie featured a song by Justin Bieber. It got me thinking why would a movie be advertising a song that is featured in it? Oh yeah, Justin Bieber is teen sensation. They are trying to pull in teenage girls, and since it is a family movie, the rest of the family. All I have to say is that to no person should go to a movie on the basis that it features a song by some musician. If you are parent and your child asks to go to a movie on that basis, just say no. Many times you don’t get to hear all of the song, so then that’s a waste of your money. Also, if you are a parent and allow your child, to go to a movie with that reason, then you’re insane! Especially if you are paying for your child to pay for that movie. Even if you’re not paying, just say no! Movies these days are about an hour and a half, and you’re going to hear a song that may only be two minutes long!

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