Icelandic Prime Minister Claims He Has Not Resigned

The Icelandic Prime Minister is claiming that he has, in fact, not resigned.

Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson has denied allegations that he had both committed tax fraud and resigned.

“Even The Guardian and other media covering the story have confirmed that they have not seen any evidence to suggest that the Prime Minister, his wife, or Wintris engaged in any actions involving tax avoidance, tax evasion, or any dishonest financial gain,” said Gunnlaugsson.

Gunnlaugsson was among dozens of heads of state who were named in the Panama Papers. Those documents show how heads of state have used secret companies and tax loopholes to hide millions of dollars.

Records show Gunnlaugsson’s wife has a significant number of stocks in Icelandic banks, which do not show up in his registry of financial assets.

“The Prime Minister and his wife have provided detailed answers to the questions about the assets of PM’s wife. They have never sought to hide these assets from Icelandic tax authorities,” tweeted a correspondent with the Financial Times, Richard Milne.

Edward Snowden even weighed in on the matter, tweeting “In letter to media, #Iceland’s current government attempts to “un-resign” the PM. Seems likely to provoke elections.”

There were protests in Iceland where thousands called for the Prime Minister’s resignation.

On Tuesday, the vice president of the Progressive Party announced Gunnlaugsson’s resignation and announced the agriculture commissioner as his successor. The agriculture commissioner would have had to have been approved by the ruling coalition before taking office.

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