129 Killed in Paris Attacks

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of the headline said over 150 people had been killed. Reporting has now lowered the number to 129, so TKNN has updated the headline. We regret the confusion.

Terror struck the capital of France on Friday as explosions and shootings rocked the city.

There were several orchestrated attacks in the city, but the main two took place at a stadium and a concert hall. French President Francois Hollande was in attendance at the stadium where the French and German teams were playing each other. President Hollande was evacuated to the Interior Ministry for his safety.

In the concert hall, American band Eagles of Death Metal were scheduled to play to a packed house. Terrorists took the hall hostage. As of publication, the majority of the roughly 150 deaths were as a result of the hostage situation.

The police eventually went in and ended the situation. However, the death was already rampant with some calling it a “bloodbath.”

President Hollande took to the airwaves to speak to the nation following the attacks. He announced that the military would be mobilized and that there would be increased border controls. He originally stated that the border would be closed, but his office backed away from that.

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