International Community Reaches Deal with Iran

After roughly two years of negotiations, a nuclear deal with Iran has been reached. The deal aims to curtail Iran’s nuclear program and prevent the country from obtaining nuclear weapons. Iran has consistently said that their nuclear uses are only peaceful.

U.S. President Barack Obama spoke about the deal at 7 AM ET. The address aired on American television, but also on Iranian television. President Obama praised the deal while Vice President Joe Biden stood by him.

“Today after two years of negotiation the United States together with the international community has achieved something that decades of animosity has not: a comprehensive long-term deal with Iran that will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon,” President Obama said.

The Iranian nuclear deal is seen as an important part of President Obama’s legacy. He has attempted to reach out to typical American enemies and engage in diplomacy. Today’s deal is a victory for him with its aim to prevent nuclear weapons and do so without military involvement.

The deal will also be reviewed by the Republican-led Congress. Republicans have warned against trusting Iran on a deal, but President Obama has said that this deal is built upon verification, not trust. He also said he would veto any attempt to block the nuclear deal.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke about the deal and waited until President Obama finished in order to do so. Both his and the President Obama’s remarks were televised in Iran.

“Negotiators have reached a good agreement and I announce to our people that our prayers have come true,” President Rouhani said.

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