Exit Polls Show Growth for Conservatives in British Elections

reports of the worldExit polls indicate that the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom will have 316 seats, up from 302 that they currently have. If the exit polls holds up, it will be a great difference from the polling that preceding the election. Throughout the campaign season, polls indicated that the United Kingdom may have been on its way to a hung Parliament. Polls indicated a close race between Conservatives (or Tories) led by Prime Minister David Cameron and the Labour Party led by Ed Miliband. If the Conservatives do end up 316 seats, then the party will only need ten more votes in order to form the majority government.

The exit polls also call for the Labour Party to end up with 239 seats, down from the current 256.

The exit polls also indicate a heap of trouble for the Liberal Democrats party. The party is center and it joined with the Conservative Party in order for that party to get the majority in the government. It currently has 56 seats, but the exit polls call for only ten seats. Interestingly enough, the projected results for the Liberal Democrats and the Conservative Party are exactly enough to form a majority government, should the two groups decide to partner up again.

However, a large winner in this is projected to be the Scottish National Party. Despite losing a historic independence referendum earlier this year, the party has bounced back and could be the third largest party in Parliament.

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