AirAsia Flight Loses Contact with Flight Control


Indonesian media is reporting that an AirAsia flight from Indonesia to Singapore has lost contact with Air Traffic Control in Jakota, Indonesia. The local media is basing this off of a Transport Ministry official. The flight number is QZ8501 and it contained 155 passengers and crew.

Hadi Mustofa, of the Transport Ministry, said that the plane began to take a unusual and different path before contact was lost. Contact was lost at 6:17 PM ET, however the news did not break until five hours later.

AirAsia also changed their logos on social media to a gray color, rather than the usual red.

Editor’s Note: This story is developing and TKNN is continuing to research and report more. Stick with us for continuing coverage.

UPDATE, 12:35 AM ET: The number of people on-board has been confirmed as 162. The previously reported 155 is the number of passengers, not total.

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