Apple News Announces Curated Midterm Coverage

Apple News has launched a new 2018 Midterm Elections section in their app. United States readers can now access the curated selection of coverage about the elections with several news partners working with Apple.

“Today more than ever people want information from reliable sources, especially when it comes to making voting decisions,” said Lauren Kern, Apple News editor-in-chief. “An election is not just a contest; it should raise conversations and spark national discourse.”

“By presenting quality news from trustworthy sources and curating a diverse range of opinions, Apple News aims to be a responsible steward of those conversations and help readers understand the candidates and the issues.”

The letter from the editor in the section also makes note of “And we’ll always steer clear of rumor and propaganda” which is likely a jab at both Facebook and Twitter which saw their platforms riddled with false information and Russian misinformation.

Apple News allows users to follow certain sources, but The Conversation is a section of opinion content that includes takes that the users may not be exposed to elsewhere in the app. Similarly, On the Ground features local reporting on elections.

Apple News will also have some exclusive journalism from partners. The Washington Post has Election Now, a dashboard that pulls together current polling and punditry. Axios will have a weekly briefing and Politico will highlight Races to Watch.

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