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fourth estate newFox News contributor Erick Erickson tweeted on Friday that he will be leaving the network in January after serving as a contributor for five years. Erickson also hosts The Erick Erickson Show and owns The Resurgent, a conservative commentary website.

Erickson expressed that he no longer feels home in either party and this was difficult because it is “hard to be a contributor on news shows, where they tend to have a clear R vs. a clear D.” Erickson also expressed a desire to do a program centered around “the current clash of cultures in the United States,” but said he does not know if “any network would want it.”

Fox News did not respond to a request for comment.

Erickson says he does not know what is next for him after he leaves Fox News. This is in stark contrast to when he left CNN and in the same blog post announced he was joining Fox News.

Erickson’s thread also deals with a larger issue facing cable news, how to present all sides of a political story as the viewpoints have become increasingly fractured. Historically, news organizations have been able to bring on one Democratic commentator and one Republican commentator, or a 1:1 ratio of that with more pundits. With Donald Trump’s nomination and subsequent election, the networks typically gave voice to “Never Trump” Republicans. However, that does not mean all viewpoints — from democratic socialists to evangelicals — are necessarily represented on the news.

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