Cable News Networks Prepare for Election Night

election-nightAround the nation, voters are going to the polls today for primarily local elections. However, two states are holding gubernatorial and state elections and one state has a congressional seat up for grabs tonight. The cable news networks are covering the developments with varying levels of intensity.

Fox News is sticking to its regular primetime schedule with election bulletins throughout the night. The network is focusing primarily on the gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia and Shannon Bream will have an interview with Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel on her 11 PM ET program, Fox News @ Night. Fox News will have correspondents on the ground in both Virginia and New Jersey. Laura Ingle and Eric Shawn will report from New Jersey and Griff Jenkins, Peter Doocy, and Kristin Fisher will be in Virginia.

CNN is a tad more ambitious with their election night coverage tonight. The network will have special coverage beginning at 7 PM and is bringing in the full team of political anchors, Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper, Erin Burnett, Don Lemon, and Dana Bash. John King and David Chalian will continue their usual roles of the Magic Wall and exit polls, respectively. Brianna Keiler will cover the Ralph Northram (D) gubernatorial campaign in Virginia and Ryan Nobles will cover the Ed Gillespie (R) campaign. Athena Jones will be in New Jersey and CNN will have a correspondent in Utah (where there is a special election to fill former Representative Jason Chaffetz’s seat), but did not specify whom that would be.

CNN will also check in with President Donald Trump’s overseas trip throughout the night. CNN will be airing President Trump’s address to the South Korean National Assembly at 9 PM ET.

As for MSNBC, a source says that the network will provide coverage until 2 AM ET. There will be a special edition of Hardball with Chris Matthews from midnight until 1 AM and Steve Kornacki will be on throughout the night to provide the latest election results and break down the polling.

This post has been updated to reflect that President Trump is indeed giving an address at 9 PM ET.

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