Fox News Sets Alarm Clark Earlier with Fox & Friends Expansion 1


From L>R: Heather Childers, Jillian Mele, and Rob Schmitt. Images courtesy of Fox News

Weeks after Fox News announced that its nights would be getting longer, the network is announcing that its mornings are getting earlier as well. Fox News announced on Wednesday that it is expanding its early morning program, Fox & Friends First, to start at 4 AM instead of 5 AM. The 4 AM hour will be hosted by Heather Childers and the 5 AM hour will be co-hosted by Rob Schmitt and Jillian Mele.

Fox News president of programming Suzanne Scott said in a statement, “As Fox & Friends continues to mark its most-watched year in network history, we are thrilled to give our viewers more of the morning franchise they love.”

The changes will take place on Monday, October 9.

With high viewership and consistently strong news cycles, cable news’s day has been getting longer. CNN has live programming most days from 4 AM to midnight and MSNBC is live from 5 AM to midnight. With this change and Fox News @ Night starting October 30, Fox News will have live coverage from 4 AM to midnight, tying it with CNN.

At 4 AM, CNN broadcasts Early Start (which features former Fox News host David Briggs as a co-host) and MSNBC broadcasts a repeat of The 11th Hour with Brian Williams.

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One thought on “Fox News Sets Alarm Clark Earlier with Fox & Friends Expansion

  • Lawrence Kallin

    Holy smoley-Jilian Mele is quite an attention getter and a great smile. I will be getting up early more often. Ihope Fox News does not get into the smut news negative destructionism of the Democrats. I know President Trump will be who he is but often he creates his own demise. I also know he delights in it and can handle anything that comes his way.
    I don’t think he should pluck the strong Senators and Congressman from the states that have a strong standing as sometimes finding acceptable replacements is difficult as in Alabama. There is no sense in giving the Democrats any openings.