FBN’s Lou Dobbs to Interview President Trump

fourth estate newFox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs will interview President Donald Trump on Wednesday and the interview will then air on his 7 PM program later that night. The interview will focus on tax reform. Dobbs is one of the President’s most vocal supporters on cable news and regularly tweets with hashtags like #MAGA and #TrumpTrain.

This is the second recent Fox Business interview with President Trump. Morning news anchor Maria Bartiromo’s interview with the President aired over the weekend and yesterday. Fox Business Network has seen its ratings spike with a focus on political news, but Dobbs’s interview keeps a business angle.

If these two interviews are the start of a trend, it would mark an uptick in President Trump’s pace of interviews. However, his interviews have largely been to friendly interviewers, such as Bartiromo, Dobbs, and TBN’s Mike Huckabee (a former Fox host, presidential candidate, and father of press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders).

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