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On Tuesday, Chris Cuomo did not host Cuomo Prime Time, his weeks-old CNN primetime program. However instead of having a substitute host as is usual for news programs, Cuomo Prime Time simply did not air and instead Anderson Cooper 360 aired a second hour.

Neither CNN nor Cuomo responded to a request for comment as to whether this will continue in the future or Cuomo Prime Time will get a substitute host.

More so than other news programs, Cuomo Prime Time is built around its host. Cuomo frequently opens the show with “Let’s get after it” which Cuomo has adopted as a de facto catchphrase and includes in his Twitter bio. The show also ends with a segment of Cuomo at his whiteboard which was adopted from his Instagram account.

Cuomo Prime Time was on on Monday and according to a Twitter user, the television guide for Tuesday indicated that a second hour of Anderson Cooper 360 would air, meaning that this was pre-planned. TV Guide also lists a second hour of Anderson Cooper 36o tonight, raising the question already as to when the show will return and why it disappeared.

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