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When CNNgo was launched, CNN advertised it with the tagline of Choose Your News. However, that ability has been severely limited as a result of CNN’s actions with the CNNgo website. Most notably, CNNgo has ditched the CNN Today rundown feature that allowed viewers to choose individual segments that had aired on CNN that day.

The CNN Today feature has been gone since May 9 at the earliest but at the time the website still had a ten hour video player. However when TKNN tested the video player on two different browsers this week, the video player only went back ten minutes.

The CNNgo website now offers the live player (which also includes CNN International and HLN in addition to CNN US) and a Shows tab which acts like an On Demand feature. However, the Shows tab is by no means complete. Most of CNN’s weekday daytime programming is missing (with the exception of Inside Politics and Wolf) as well as more notable shows like The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. Some shows are not regularly updated as well, for example Wolf’s most recent episode on CNNgo is from May 17.

As a result of the shortened video player and lack of options in the Shows tab, some programs — like The Situation Room — cannot be viewed once the program has concluded.

CNN did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

As part of their digital efforts, CNN has been producing some series primarily for CNNgo (which was originally known as CNNx), including Dana Bash’s Badass Women of Washington and Brooke Baldwin’s American Woman.

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