Washington Examiner to Launch Nationwide Magazine

The Washington Examiner, a conservative-leaning publication in Washington, will relaunch as a nationally distributed weekly magazine next year, the parent company, Clarity Media, announced on Monday.

“Over the years, we’ve frequently been asked if individuals outside of the Beltway could subscribe to the publication,” said Clarity Media CEO Ryan McKibben in a statement, “With this expansion and relaunch, our aim is for the new, national Washington Examiner to build on its position as a leader in providing a conservative perspective on the events of the day.”

“Our readers have always turned to us for the best in breaking news and in-depth analysis on policy and politics,” said editorial director Hugo Gurdon, “The new Washington Examiner will include all of the news, analysis, and commentary that readers have come to expect for nearly 13 years, but now it will also include a great many regular new features that appeal to a more diverse array of readers across the US.”

The new magazine will have expanded culture offerings with sections on American values, different walks of life, and a crossword puzzle. The magazine, which is currently published weekly and available for free in DC, will now publish 44 times a year for $119 annual subscription.

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