News & Documentary Emmy Award Nominees Announced

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has announced the nominees for this year’s News and Documentary awards. Per usual, PBS and CBS led the pack with 45 and 31 nominations, respectively. Corporate siblings CNN Worldwide and HBO had 27 and 22 nominations, respectively.

“New technologies are opening up endless new doors to knowledge, instantly delivering news and information across myriad platforms,” said Adam Sharp, interim president and CEO of the Television Academy. “With this trend comes the immense potential to inform and enlighten, but also to manipulate and distort.”

“Today we honor the talented professionals who through their work and creativity defend the highest standards of broadcast journalism and documentary television, proudly providing the clarity and insight each of us needs to be an informed world citizen.”

The nominees for Best Story in a Newscast were CNN’s Kids for Sale, Libya Slave Auction, Vice News Tonight’s Charlottesville: Race and Terror, ABC News’s The Unwanted, and CBS News’s U.S. Air Force Academy Sexual Assault.

Broken down by show, 60 Minutes has 22 nominations and Frontline has 14.

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