Who’s Who on the News?

who's whoThere are a variety of titles on cable news, but confusion about what is expected of each role. Therefore, TKNN has produced a handy guide to the various personalities seen on cable news.

ANCHOR/HOST: The two titles tend to be interchangeably in American news. Technically, host should be used for shows like talk shows that have a heavy emphasis on guests. Anchor should be used for programs that rely on news reports.

REPORTER/CORRESPONDENT: The correspondent is the person who has reported on a topic for the news. Correspondent should technically be used in regards to a beat, or assigned topic area. For example, John Roberts is the White House correspondent for Fox News. However, Lea Gabrielle is a reporter for Fox News and works on a wide variety of stories. When reporters appear on panels, there is an expectation that any analysis they provide is based off their reporting, not personal opinion.

COMMENTATOR/STRATEGIST: Commentators and strategists appear to represent a specific viewpoint (typically Democratic or Republican) on the news. Commentators typically have had a career working in politics before appearing on the news. They also typically are on panels to provide the party line on the news or provide analysis on the political ramifications of the current news.

ANALYST: An analyst is similar to a commentator, but is not wedded to a particular ideology. Analysts provide more objective analysis and typically present a longer term view of the news and put it in perspective. Oftentimes reporters will step down from that role, but remain active as an analyst.

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