Day after Charlottesville Attack, Trump Team Goes on the Offensive

Trump AdSeventeen hours after President Donald Trump pleaded for national unity and said, “No matter our color, creed, religion or political party, we are all Americans first,” his campaign released a new ad blasting “the President’s enemies,” including Democrats and the media.

The close proximity to the terrorist attack and charged political message was not lost on political professionals and members of the media. Analyst Larry Sabato tweeted, ” Anybody think the timing is highly inappropriate? Count me in.” New York Times reporter Ken Vogel tweeted of the ad, “Seems quite tone deaf right now.”

The ad alleges that the reporters are “attacking our President.”

Among the reporters and news personalities included are CNN’s Jake Tapper, Dana Bash, Don Lemon, Gloria Borger, Anderson Cooper, Fareed Zakaria, Erin Burnett, and Brian Stelter; MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Rachel Maddow, Brian Williams, Chris Hayes, and Chuck Todd; ABC’s George Stephanopoulos; CBS’s Scott Pelley; and American Urban Radio Networks’ April Ryan (who is also a CNN analyst).

CNN is the most represented in the ad with two more than the next highest MSNBC. Trump’s love-hate relationship with CNN has been well-documented.

This is not the first time the campaign has released an ad with members of the media making a cameo. That ad plastered the faces of several news hosts and anchors with “Fake News,” leading CNN to decline airing it.

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