HLN Forgets About S.E. Cupp’s New Show

170504153446-hln-logo-card-may-2017-super-teaseAs recently as last month, S.E. Cupp told Twitter followers that her new HLN show, Unfiltered, would be premiering on July 17. However, July 17th came and went and there was no S.E. Cupp show on HLN. The unannounced and unexpected (but one could argue not shocking) delay is not the first for the show on a network increasingly marked by them.

A HLN spokesperson did not respond to an email asking why the premiere date changed and when the new premiere date is. A tweet towards the frequently tweeting host also went unanswered.

When the news was first announced, in an exclusive by Variety’s Brian Steinberg, Cupp’s show was slated for a premiere in June. However, the date was then changed to July 17 which Cupp promoted on Twitter.

While the premiere date is in flux, the show still seems to be on. Cupp posted pictures to Instagram from when she shot promos for her show and yesterday retweeted a tweet from the CNN Careers account that welcomed Charles Hitchins to Cupp’s program as a producer. The tweet said that Cupp’s show would be “coming soon.”

Former CNN anchor Carol Costello’s show is also in flux. Across America was supposed to debut in April which was then pushed to June. That date was then also ignored. Carol Costello’s show is still looking for an executive producer based off a job listing on parent company Turner’s website.

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