Associated Press Shuffles Washington Bureau

fourth estate newThe Associated Press has promoted White House correspondent Julie Pace to be Washington bureau chief and also altered the structure of the bureau. The new structure will boast four deputies under Pace. Two deputies that will work with editors and two that will work with multimedia and video output.

The Huffington Post’s Michael Calderone broke the news of Pace’s promotion.

“Throughout the 2016 campaign and into the early days of the Trump administration, the depth of Julie’s reporting and the clarity of her analysis has enriched our report,” AP executive editor Sally Buzbee.

“In her role as bureau chief, Julie will continue to write and report, with a continued focus on the presidency, even as she leads the overall news agenda of the bureau and works closely with reporters to help them do their best work.”

Buzbee also announced in a staff memo that the Associated Press is doubling down on its efforts regarding possible collusion between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia and the larger story there. The AP is hiring two additional reporters to focus only on that story and some reporters will be shifted towards that story. Buzbee said that Pace and the bureau have “the deepest promise to do everything in our power to win on this story.”

Pace is one of the most well-known Associated Press reporters. She frequently appears on cable news, particularly CNN’s Inside Politics.

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