Networks Break in for Special Comey Coverage

fourth estate newABC News, CBS News, and NBC News will all break into their regularly scheduled programming for special coverage of former FBI Director James Comey testifying before Congress Thursday.

NBC News will begin coverage with the usually scheduled Today Show. Host Matt Lauer will be in New York as usual, but Savannah Guthrie will host from Washington, D.C. The special report will be anchored by Guthrie, Lester Holt, and Chuck Todd, all from Washington. Holt will also anchor NBC Nightly News from the nation’s capital Thursday night. Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel will also contribute reporting from Moscow.

On ABC News, chief anchor George Stephanopoulos will anchor coverage.

On CBS News, the network is sticking with the morning news team to handle coverage. Charlie Rose, Norah O’Donnell, and Gayle King will anchor coverage from New York. Even though the day’s proceeding will be in Washington, Chief Washington Correspondent John Dickerson will be with the anchor team in New York. CBS’s coverage will also be simulcast on CBSN, the digital-only news network from CBS. The decision for the morning team is not shocking as CBS News has announced that CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley will leave the program next week.

Special reports from the broadcast networks are unusual and typically occur when there is significant breaking news. Prescheduled reports are especially rare and reflect the intense public interest surrounding Comey’s testimony. Comey is expected to differ with a few of President Donald Trump’s comments.

The testimony is scheduled to begin at 10 AM ET.

This post has been updated to remove and correct the relative date of Comey’s testimony.

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