Robert Costa Named Washington Week Moderator

fourth estate newRobert Costa of the Washington Post has been named moderator of Washington Week, PBS’s weekly round-up of political news with a panel of journalists. Costa, who has been frequently substitute hosting over the past several weeks, takes over from the late Gwen Ifill.

Costa is the eighth moderator in the show’s fifty years of broadcast. He will remain with the Washington Post, but will contribute to the show’s social media output during the week.

Costa wrote a note to Washington Week viewers that was published online, “As reporters, we are highly competitive, each of us working to break the next scoop. But each Friday evening, that competition is set aside for a civil, smart, and in-depth conversation.”

“This is what drew me to this opportunity: the chance to bring the best reporters together each week to share with you, Washington Week viewers, our collective experiences and passions for the politics and policies that shape our country.”

Costa has been with the Post since 2014, prior to that he worked for National Review. Costa is known for strong coverage of House Republicans, especially their leadership. His coverage during the government shutdown in 2013 drew widespread attention and praise.

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