Lydia Polgreen Named HuffPost Editor-in-Chief

Lydia Polgreen of the New York Times was named the editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post on Friday. Polgreen will be only the second editor-in-chief for the Huffington Post, after founder Arianna Huffington.

Huffington left the Huffington Post in order to focus on her latest health and wellness venture, Thrive Global.

Polgreen is seen as a journalist who mixes  digital and social media outreach with old-school journalism. Polgreen has spent fifteen years at the Times and recently moved to a new position where she shifted her attention to the Times’s global efforts.

The initial search for the next editor-in-chief was mainly internal, so Polgreen’s selection was seen as a surprise. Polgreen will be one of the few women of color in charge of a major US news organization and also one of the few LGBT editors-in-chief.

One of Polgreen’s main tasks will be increasing and improving the editorial output of the Huffington Post while also growing its user base. The Huffington Post has shifted from linking to other stories to writing and investigating their own stories. However, some articles are still considered click bait.

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