Stephen Colbert to Host Live Election Show on Showtime

election-nightFor Stephen Colbert on Election Night, its’s Showtime. The CBS late night host will host a live one hour Election Night program on Showtime, a corporate sibling of CBS. Colbert has hosted live post-convention and post-debate specials, but CBS News will be broadcasting throughout his timeslot and the night for election coverage. This forced Colbert to either take the night off or find a different home for his political satire.

As Showtime is a premium cable channel there is no bleeping for curse words nor censorship for nudity. Colbert made light of that in his statement, “It’ll be all the political comedy you love from my CBS show, with all the swearing and nudity you love from Showtime.”

While the program has a different name (Stephen Colbert’s Live Election Night Democracy’s Series Finale: Who’s Going To Clean Up This S**t?), it will be very similar to the Late Show. It will be produced by the same group and air from the same studio in the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Showtime calls the program “the perfect election night destination for people who want to see all the latest news, without actually having to watch the news.”

Colbert also hosted live Election Night coverage when he hosted the Colbert Report on Comedy Central.

Colbert’s live programs for CBS led to an increase in critical acclaim and ratings. While Showtime may not be looking for a huge ratings boost from Colbert, it may be a sign of the strength of his fan base.

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