Erica Hill Returns to HLN

HLN logoThe evolution of HLN continues. The network announced on Tuesday that Erica Hill, currently with MSNBC and NBC News, will be re-joining HLN as a daytime anchor. Hill’s currently unnamed program will air from New York and launch in the fall of this year.

Hill will also contribute to CNN, in addition to her HLN duties.

The move comes as HLN is preparing to relaunch yet again, this time with a renewed focus on news. HLN had a strategy of being the television network for the social media generation, but that did not pan out. Earlier this year, it was announced that Michaela Pereira, then co-anchoring CNN’s morning news program, would be coming to HLN to anchor a daytime show after Morning Express with Robin Meade.

Hill was a part of the team that relaunched Headline News, known for its news wheel, as HLN. Now her job will be to relaunch the network yet again.

Hill was at CNN/HLN during the 2000s, anchoring PrimeNews on HLN and providing the nightly news bulletins on Anderson Cooper 360.

“Erica was a catalyst during our evolution from Headline News to HLN, and now, as we return to our news roots, she’s the obvious addition to our first-class on-air team,” said Ken Jautz, the Executive Vice President in charge of HLN.

“I’m thrilled to come home,” said Hill in statement. “The opportunity to reunite with Ken and the smart, talented HLN/CNN family was one I couldn’t refuse. I am so excited to be a part of this new chapter at HLN.”

Hill was most recently at NBC News, where she co-anchored Weekend Today before being moved to MSNBC. MSNBC, also, is trying to refocus on its news roots.

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