Fox News Declares Victory in War on Christmas

fourth estate newA hallmark of Fox News during the winter holiday season is their coverage of the so-called War on Christmas. The network  covers instances  of Christmas decorations or celebrations getting prohibited or replaced due to what they call the political correctness police.

However, Fox News declared victory thanks to an unlikely source: CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

Contributor KT McFarland appeared on America’s Newsroom and spoke to Martha MacCallum about the CNN debar. She called the Fox News competitor “the best part” about the debate. On Twitter, McFarland tweeted several times about CNN’s debate, particularly the decision to include the national anthem (which is not unusual) and that moderator Wolf Blitzer closed the program by wishing the audience a Merry Christmas.

On the program, McFarland elaborated, “At the very beginning, everybody put their hand on their heart and pledged allegiance to the flag, and at the end, Wolf Blitzer wished everybody a Merry Christmas. So guess what, political correctness is dead.”

The co-hosts then celebrated. MacCallum responded with, “The War Against Christmas is over. Put a nail in it from last night!” Off-camera, Bill Hemmer chanted, “We won! We won!”

CNN employees have largely stayed silent about their role in ending Fox News’s war. However, political reporter Eugene Scott tweeted a emoji in response to the news.

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