Brian Williams Makes Brief Return to NBC

When Brian Williams was demoted from NBC, the network said that his primary role would be breaking news anchor for MSNBC. However, the news organization said that Brian Williams would anchor breaking news bulletins for affiliates if his replacement, Lester Holt, was not available.

On Tuesday just that happened as Holt was out sick.

Brian Williams anchored a special bulletin regarding the system-wide closing in Los Angeles that was offered optionally to network affiliates. It was also simulcast on MSNBC.

The bulletin lasted fourteen minutes and showed the press conference with the superintendent of schools.

Williams’s closing urged viewers to continue watching on MSNBC. In order to boost sagging ratings, the network has largely shed its liberal image in order to refocus on breaking news. “To those joining us on the NBC television network, there will be much more on this story–of course, news as it happens, we’ll come on the air–on your early local news and, of course, tonight a complete wrap-up on NBC Nightly News. Our coverage continues live on MSNBC. For now, I’m Brian Williams in New York.”

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