CNN Correspondent Suspended for Refugees Tweet

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[UPDATE: 7:06 AM]: Elise Labott has tweeted an apology for her original tweet.

CNN global affairs correspondent Elise Labott has been suspending following a partisan tweet that she sent out. After the House of Representatives passed legislation that limited the flow of Syrian and Iraqi refugees into the United States, Labott tweeted a link to CNN’s story and said the “Statue of Liberty bows head in anguish.”

As of publication, the above tweet was still alive, meaning it had not been deleted yet. The House vote was partisan with only 42 Democrats voting in support of the measure. The larger refugee issue has largely been divided on party lines with many Republican governors, and one Democratic governor, saying they will work to prohibit refugees from coming to their states while some Democratic governors have said they will welcome the refugees. Labott’s initial tweet was criticized as a violation of CNN’s neutral news policy. Erik Wemple, the media blogger for the Washington Post, tweeted Labott about her tweet and then wrote a piece on the supposed violation.

Thursday evening, CNN sources confirmed to TKNN that Labott has been suspended for two weeks.

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