CNN Announces 35th Anniversary Special

  CNN, the original cable news network (or Cable News Network) , has announced that in advance of its 35th anniversary on June 1, it will air a special about the top stories it has covered over the years.

CNN announced that the special will air on May 26th at 9 PM and then re-air on June 1, again at 9 PM. Breaking News: 35 Years of CNN will feature the top thirty-five stories over CNN’s history. Different news events include the the Baby Jessica rescue, Gulf War, OJ Simpson trial, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and Boston Marathon bombing.

CNN personalities past and present will appear on the one hour television event. Current lead political anchor Wolf Blitzer will host the special. Also appearing are Larry King, Bernard Shaw, Aaron Brown, Paula Zahn, Anderson Cooper, Sanjay Gupta, and Drew Griffin will appear, among others.

CNN will also devote online coverage to its thirty-fifth anniversary. It will have a quiz, video archive, and bloopers that covers the thirty-five years of CNN.

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