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Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 6.34.00 PMCNN Politics relaunched today with a new design that is closer to CNNMoney than the main CNN site. When the CNN site relaunched earlier this year, all of the CNN website, except for the CNNMoney section, were redesigned using the same layout. However at the same time, a CNNPolitics redesign was being teased. CNN Politics also has has a new logo with the commonly used CNN logo in red box along with the word “politics” in a lowercase font. The two “i”s in politics are colored blue and red. This new logo began appearing in press releases several weeks ago.

The new website has several different categories. On the top, there are links to coverage for 2016, Washington, national and world politics. There is also a link to Our Team which features profiles for CNN political personalities. There are also boxes for the categories of the White House, Congress, National Security, and “Explaining Stuff” and others.

Rachel Smolkin, Executive Editor of CNN Politics, provided this statement on the relaunch:
“The new CNN Politics site really showcases all of our what makes our team truly exceptional. From breaking news like Evan Perez’s Loretta Lynch scoop to enterprise and analysis like Stephen Collinson’s deep dives on domestic and international politics, to the original video franchises like Being Moody – this site captures the amazing cross-platform journalism that is CNN Politics.”

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