Candy Crowley Signs off from CNN and State of the Union


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CNN’s Candy Crowley signed off for the final time today after it was announced a few weeks ago that she would be leaving the network after 27 years. Crowley landed an exclusive interview with the President and it was billed as his last of this year. The two discussed The Interview and North Korea, normalizing relations with Cuba, and closing the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Today’s panel also included people Candy said she loved to talk to, Newt Gingrich, Donna Brazille, L.Z. Granderson, and Amy Walter.  Sen. John McCain, who was one of Crowley’s most frequent guests, also appeared on today’s show. McCain also tweeted his congratulations to Candy.

A host of people, including her Sunday show competition, said goodbye to Candy.

Crowley also mentioned her 27 years at CNN.

Finally, Crowley said goodbye to CNN and her viewers.

Crowley’s successor has not yet been named.

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