WATCH: Dr. Nancy Snyderman Apologizes for Breaching Ebola Quarantine

Courtesy NBC Universal | Photo by Virginia Sherwood

Courtesy NBC Universal | Photo by Virginia Sherwood

NBC’s Chief Medical Editor, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, appeared on NBC’s Today Show today and apologized for leaving her house and breaching a voluntary quarantine that she and team underwent after reporting on the Ebola epidemic overseas. After the controversy, NBC News brass decided that Dr. Snyderman should go on the down-low and not appear for awhile. It was said that she would return in November, but she did not. Today was her first interview after breaking the 21-day quarantine. She commented on her dual roles as a medical professional and a media personality, saying, “I wear two hats — I have my doctor hat and I have my journalist hat, and when the science and the messaging sometimes collide, and you leave the optics, in this case a hot zone and come back to the United States, good people can make mistakes, I stepped outside the boundaries of what I promised to do and what the public expected of me, and for that I’m sorry.” Dr. Snyderman also said that she underestimated the fear that Americans had of ebola and the impact that her quarantine break would have.

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