Where is CNN’s Inside Politics? [UPDATED]

Courtesy CNN

Courtesy CNN

Earlier this year, CNN brought back Inside Politics. The show had aired for more than twenty years and for the last twelve years was hosted by Judy Woodruff until its cancellation in 2005. The show was brought back as a weekly Sunday affairs program hosted by John King, CNN’s Chief National Correspondent. The show, which leads into State of the Union with Candy Crowley, features a roundtable of political reporters who discuss the week’s events and share their reporting. The show also featured segments with John King’s Magic Wall.

The show also expanded to weekdays with John King hosting Inside Politics segments on New Day around 7:30 A.M. These segments feature King in the D.C. studios with two reporters discussing the top two or three stories before throwing it back to the New Day anchors in New York.

However, the show has not been on the air on Sunday mornings since November 16, although the morning segments have been airing. There have also been other times when the show hasn’t aired, but there were one-time occurrences. Last month, John King responded to a Twitter user asking when the show would return. He said that the show would be returning soon.

TKNN has reached out to a CNN spokeswoman for the show inquiring about the hiatus. We have not heard back, but will update if we do. If you or anyone you know has any tips about the hiatus, such as the return or the reason behind the hiatus, please email TKNN at Tips@TKNN.info or use the anonymous contact form with the Contact Us button above. [UPDATE: 7:53 P.M. ET] The CNN spokeswoman for Inside Politics has responded and said that the show was off for the holiday and will return this weekend. John King has also responded to the hiatus on Twitter and said that it would return this Sunday.

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