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IMG_0094CNN’s entertainment correspondent Nischelle Turner will be joining Entertainment Tonight as a host and analyst. She officially announced the news this afternoon on her Instagram account after The Wrap reported the move last month. Even as recently as this week, Turner was saying that she was remaining at CNN, albeit moving to Los Angeles. She replied to a person’s tweet about her status saying “Leaving New York. You will still see me on CNN!” In addition, she tweeted replied to a CBS News correspondent by saying they would be both be part of the CBS family. Entertainment Tonight is syndicated and produced by CBS. However, retweets of hers then indicated that she would be indeed moving to Entertainment Tonight which were often tweets of congratulations. Turner had a goodbye party that CNN personalities, such as Michaela Periera of New Day, attended.

Turner will remain within the CNN family, although. She will remain as a CNN contributor based in Los Angeles, which she says is the “Best if [sic] both worlds!” She also said that she was happy that CNN President Jeff Zucker looked for a way for her to remain at CNN while also working for ET. Turner will start at ET on October 27.

Read Nischelle’s announcement:


I’VE GOT NEWS…not breaking news even though that’s the business I’m in. I guess it’s pretty terrible that someone else broke MY news before I did! They must be psychic! Hehehe. Anyway…I was bound and determined to talk about my news when I was ready. Now I am! It is true, I am headed to Entertainment Tonight! AND I AM OVER THE MOON ABOUT IT! Entertainment Tonight is the gold standard of entertainment news. They set the bar for everyone else and have never strayed from it. People and celebrities look to ET to be fair, get it right and have class while doing it. I love that and am honored to join that team! Yes, it may be the worst kept news, so people have been asking…are you leaving CNN? Logical question. So the answer is not completely. I will still be a contributor for CNN based in LA. So yes, you will continue to see me there as an Entertainment Tonight Host and Analyst. Best if both worlds! I am so grateful for the 3 years I spent at CNN. Every second I spent there has made me better. Just being around the best minds in the business makes you raise your game! I became a better journalist and person there. Real talk. I’m just really happy that Jeff Zucker wanted to find a way to keep me in the family. It’s all good. I couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks all! First day at ET Oct. 27th. Yes, The Wrap, just in time for November Sweeps! (LOL) thanks everyone for the well wishes and good vibes! Onward and upward. Lets get it!

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