With All Due Respect Debuts Tonight with Mitt Romney Interview

IMG_0109.JPG Bloomberg’s new politics vertical, Bloomberg Politics, is coming together with the website’s launch last night and the flagship show, With All Due Respect, debuting tonight at 5. The vertical, which is helmed by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, is based out of New York while Bloomberg’s DC coverage has been declining. Layoffs hit the bureau in August and the network cancelled their long-running political talk show, Political Capital with Al Hunt. However, Bloomberg has been on a hiring spree for Bloomberg Politics, including Dave Wiegel, formerly of Slate. Mark Halperin and John Heilemann will also host a new show, With All Due Respect, on weekday evenings at 5. The show, which is a half-hour, is said to be similar to Pardon the Interruption on ESPN. The new Bloomberg Politics will also be independent of the DC bureau, although the bureau will contribute pieces.

A new Bloomberg Politics website launched last night. The new website is visually similar to Vox and contains a jumbo headline with other headlines as well. There was a Halperin’s Daybook published this morning which ran down the top stories. It is similar to The Page that Halperin write for Time.Com. It is unknown if the Daybook will be a daily feature.

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