CNN’s Political Ticker Comes Back to Life

fourth estate newCNN’s Political Ticker, an online collection of stories in a newswire format, has resumed publishing new articles. The last article before yesterday was from one week ago, September 23. The article before that was September 22, then September 18. This is a stark difference to the Ticker’s peak days where several stories would be posted a day. The Ticker was CNN’s closest response to politically-focused outlets like Politico, at least in terms of content output. However, the new head of CNN Politics and CNN Money, Ed O’Keefe, is planning a revamp of CNN Politics and Capital New York reported that the Ticker will soon be deactivated. Even though the Ticker did not produce any content for a period of time, CNN’s Politics vertical still linked, and continues to link to, the latest Ticker posts. This was not the only recent break in Ticker activity, not even this month. Earlier this month, the Ticker had no posts beginning September 9 until September 15. The activity of the Ticker could be split into two parts with that break. On September 8 and mostly before, several articles were written each day. On September 15 and afterwards, only one article has been written each day, if that. No word has been given as to why the Ticker resumed posting yesterday.

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