Fareed Zakaria Has Left Time Magazine

On CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS, Fareed Zakaria starts his show with a segment called “Fareed’s Take,” where he delivers an opinion on an international issue. This segment ties in with a column that Zakaria has written, which have been in Newsweek, Time Magazine, and now The Washington Post. Several years ago, Zakaria left Newsweek and joined Time Magazine as an Editor-at-Large. However, recently, he has began to reference his Post columns instead of Time.

When looking ya Zakaria’s page at Time.Com, he has not published any columns in about a year. This added strength to the belief that Zakaria had left. In July, TKNN reached out to Time, Inc. to see if Zakaria had left. Numerous emails and phone calls to two different spokeswomen have been unreturned. All of the Time, Inc. representatives TKNN spoke to had no idea whether Zakaria was still employed, one didn’t know who Zakaria was, though. Time, Inc. seemed unwilling to admit that Zakaria had left.

This morning, TKNN received confirmation from Daniel Kile, Vice President of Communications at Time, Inc.

Fareed Zakaria is no longer employed by Time Inc.

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