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new CNN graphicsCNN has debuted a new graphics package this morning, which began with Early Start anchored by John Berman and Christine Romans. The new look features a flat design and the main colors of red, black, and white. The live bug has been changed where it appears above the CNN logo. Previously, the bug and logo would appear next to each other and line up with the lower third, now the live bug is slightly above. The time and stock quotes has been moved up to beneath the logo, as opposed to its previous location on the bottom right of the screen. Instead, there is a gray rectangle that rotates between the show name, a show hashtag, and, sometimes, the anchor’s Twitter handle. The show’s handle has also sometimes been shown. is much more prevalent in this design, it is on the lower left of the screen and it separates headlines on the ticker. Previously, a tinier CNN logo would separate the headlines. “This Is CNN” remains as the first line of text on the ticker.

While many have praised the design for its flat look, there has been some criticism over the large font. InsideCableNews criticized the large size, however the size is significantly smaller when used with an actual news story. The large font is used primarily for anchor introductions and sometimes for story introductions. When guests appear, the lower third splits into two, a top white and a bottom black. As seen above, the top shows the story headline while the bottom shows the guest’s name, or in this case the police chief at a press conference, along with a brief blurb helping to identify them. When CNN personalities appear, the bottom blurb identifies them, and their role at CNN. CNNCommentary has examples of this, along with the graphics in use on every program. However, not everybody has criticized the large size, which uses the Gotham font. Some have tweeted that the new style is easier to read, and the lower thirds are still readable when viewed on the DIRECTV guide.

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