The World Right Now Airs on CNN US This Week

20140730-163612-59772407.jpgOne of CNN International’s newest shows, The World Right Now with Hala Gorani, will be airing on CNN US Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, live in its 3:00 ET timeslot. CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin usually airs a second live hour in the slot. Although Baldwin anchored the 2 PM hour today, her show’s Twitter account has said that today was Brooke’s last show of the week from Atlanta. It has not been announced what/who will air for the remainder of the week, although Baldwin could broadcast her show from one of the network’s other studios around the United States. TKNN’s Political Jungle has reached out to both the show’s account and Baldwin, herself, to find out about the rest, but we have not heard back. If either responds, we will update this article.

Baldwin and Carol Costello, the last two weekday anchors in Atlanta, will be moving to New York and their shows will broadcast from there starting Monday. Costello’s show has been airing from Washington, DC, and she is expected to continue airing from there for the rest of the week. For Costello, CNN New York is a return. Costello previously anchored Daybreak from New York and she, alongside Christine Romans and Ali Velshi, made up the last anchor team for American Morning, CNN’s now-defunct morning show that broadcast from New York. Baldwin has spent most of her time in Atlanta, but has gone up to New York to guest-anchor New Day and anchor the short-lived ICYMI.

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